Theme and frontend setup for simple and responsive demo pages. Build your library docs quickly with provided styles and html modules. Write with html and js. No build step needed.

Attire is best suited for UI components you want to demo to your users. It is a very reasonable companion for your github pages. Sometimes a markdown generated page can do just fine - sometimes you need more control. Plain html and js will will probably be sufficient if you like to keep things simple. Paste in html, adjust it, include your library distributable via script tag and run it to showcase your module.

How to use

You can start by saving demo page html into your new html document. And go on adjusting from there. Or you can examine how others did it.

Attire is a html boilerplate for your project index.html page. All you change is content of this html document. All static assets (javascript, css and icons) are loaded from cdn so ideally you don't need to mess with this. If you need to link to your library distributable - include it with script or link tag with path relative to your html page.

Built with Attire

Here is a list of projects with demo pages built on Attire. If you want your project to be included here - drop me a line.

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